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Grill the Best Burger This Summer!
Jul 24 2019

There are few foods as iconic to an American summer as hamburgers. Their easy preparation and delicious taste make it extremely popular, especially during the summer. When summertime rolls around, many people take advantage of the long days, warm weather, and beautiful sunshine to grill burgers for their families and friends.

Whether it be their backyard or poolside, there is rarely a poor time and place for preparing the perfect burger during the weekend. B Square has plenty of experience making burgers, and we have decided to give our readers some helpful tips and tricks on how to grill the best burgers. 

How to Grill a Burger 

Burger Grilling Tips from B Square

Like preparing any other food, the most important step in grilling a burger is to make sure that the chef and surrounding kitchen area are properly cleaned and sanitized. To do so, clean hands and a grill free of any grease or mold is necessary. After ensuring the cleanliness of your cooking area, you should decide on the kind of ground meat that will constitute your patty. A good rule of thumb to follow is that the higher the fat percentage, the juicier the burger will be. In contrast, a lower fat percentage is usually reserved for leaner burgers, perfect for more health-conscious barbecuers. 

Once you have purchased your ground meat, it is time to prepare the patties. To prepare a patty, you should empty your ground meat and an egg into a bowl and massage it until it yields a malleable consistency. Once your consistency can be easily manipulated, you should shape it into a patty by making a ball and pressing it down with a plate. 

After you form your patties, you should decide on the toppings that your burgers will carry. One of the most underrated parts that chefs often neglect when they learn how to grill the best burger is to keep the sensibilities of their “audience” in mind. Maybe the people eating your burger enjoy vegetables, while closer friends might have the same preferences that you do. Understanding what your crowd wants helps lead to a more successful barbecue. 

How to Grill a Burger Medium 

Medium is a popular way to cook a burger because it blends juiciness with solid consistency. If you want to grill a burger medium, your grill’s temperature should allow your hand to hover over it for about six seconds. When this heat is achieved, place your burgers on the grill. Leave them until you see red juices on the side that is exposed to the air. When you see these juices, flip the burger over and continue to cook them for about 5 minutes. After this, take the burgers off the grill and serve with your selected toppings. 

B Square Fort Lauderdale is a restaurant that specializes in serving top-tier burgers with a great beer and alcohol selection. Whether we are serving you our famous burgers or giving you tips on how to grill the best burger, B Square has got you covered. Contact B Square Las Olas or visit us today to learn more.

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